Every April-May figs are small and unripe and then we make one of the finest sweet spoons, Fig. It contains the basic component of human nutrition over 3000 years. It was a sort of first need for the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean as well as the East. Lovely homemade sweet, elegant in its small size, with excellent scent and taste that return everybody to the past nostalgically.

Its characteristic green color is preserved in the jar and is in perfect harmony with the carnation and the almond, which gives a touch of their aroma. It can combine with whipped cream, yogurt, ice cream, cakes and tarts, even in a variety of cheeses.

For wholesale, it is available in 450gr (12pcs/box) and 2,5Kg (2pcs/box).

Nutritional value (100 gr)

Energy 265 Kcal Lipids < 1,3%

Of which saturated fat < 0,1%

Carbohydrate 62,00%

Of which sugar 59,5%

Protein < 1,0%

Salt < 0,01%

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