Grape is the amber sweet spoon. Sultana we use is a variety of grape, which grown for the production of fine grapes. Its grapes are generally large, dense, without seeds but with resistant, sweet and tasty flesh. It matures at the end of July to early August.

If you see this sweet, with the yellow-gold color, predisposes you to the delicious flavor and the firm, crispy spoon that you will have.In the juicy sweet has been added almond.

It's a great combination with afternoon coffee, evening yogurt, toast to breakfast, and at cooking is an ideal and creative touch. Especially dare it, with soft, white creamy cheese.

For wholesale, it is available in 250gr (12pcs/box) and 2,5Kg (2pcs/box).

Nutritional value (100 gr)

Energy 262,24Kcal

Lipids <0,5 %

Of which saturated fat <0,5 %

Carbohydrate 67,37%

Of which sugar 57 %

Protein 2,4 %

Salt 0,04 %

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