Quince, the absolute autumn sweet spoon, also known as “golden apple”, but also as a symbol of love. Ancient Greeks had connected it to fertility. Harvesting of fruits takes place on the quince tree and must not be unripe, neither matured too much. Their transformation to sweet spoon is spectacular.
Delicious flavor, crispy and sweet as it should, is the cherished sweet spoon for each generation. Quince flesh is cut into small pieces with a distinctive bronze red color. Our quince jars contain a lot of syrup and apple geranium which fragrance them discreetly and the almond is decorating it.
Prefer it with the yoghurt-unique combination- with kaimaki ice-cream, but also in different tarts.
It is available in 250gr (12pcs/box) and 2,5Kg (2pcs/box).
Nutritional value (100 gr)
Energy 249,02Kcal
Lipids <0,5 %
Of which saturated fat <0,5 %
Carbohydrate 65,7%
Of which sugar 33,3%
Protein 0,66%
Salt 0,01%
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