Who is not affected by the hearing of word strawberry! Especially, when it’s caramelized with sugar and become sweet spoon. Undoubtedly, it’s the favorite fruit of spring, with a sweet-sour flavor, unbelievable aroma and intense color that in any way we try to close all these features in our jar, in order to enjoy it all year round.

Strawberries in their season, delicious and juicy, offer their nutritional value and delicacy. Because of their sensitivity, they are harvested when they get red, preferring small and medium for our sweets since we are used the whole fruit and not in pieces.

Our homemade recipe and preparation stages create a high-value tasting result that is the inseparable combination of ice cream, fluffy cream, chocolate, cheese cake, pancake, brownie, crepe. A truly tasty temptation.

For wholesale, it is available in 250gr (12pcs/box) and 2,5Kg (2pcs/box).

Nutritional value (100 gr)

Energy 225 Kcalgr

Lipids < 0%

Of which saturated fat < 0%

Carbohydrate 54%

Of which sugar 53,5%

Protein < 1,0%

Salt < 0,01%

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