Giorgos Papanikolaou and Dimitris Tsalpatouros, child friends, who studied engineers, decided to join their forces and set up "IAMVI". "

In search of our professional future, we found the recipes of my father's grandmother. These recipes that came into our hands were real diamonds, and we decided to develop them into a quality-made traditional product with the right set-up of the brand," says George. "IAMVI" started in May 2015 its journey to the art of the sweet spoon with a workshop at Patra Beach.

According to Greek mythology, Iamvi, daughter of the god Panas, with her bold jokes and teasing, made the goddess Demeter, who was inconsolable by the disappearance of her daughter, to smile, and the land grew again fruitful.

This is also IAMVI. "The joy of a homemade cuisine, the art of warm hospitality, delicious delicacies that embrace all the colors and aromas of the nature". "Our goal is to make our traditional products known abroad, giving the opportunity to eclectic consumers to discover them.

Being faithful to traditional recipes, we adopt modern production methods with respect for the environment and the principles of fair trade, "say George and Dimitris. "We are a family business and rely on the local production of the wider Patras area, which has a natural richness of exceptional variety and quality.

We use only exquisite pure ingredients, placing great emphasis on careful selection and sorting of fruit, while ensuring maximum quality and limited quantity, because we operate in the direction of seasonality and we add weight to the fruit that nature offers in every seasonal cycle. " Summer fragrant sour cherries, aromatic bergamot of Achaia, marmalade made from the first fruits of May, filigree, crisp texture, ripe kidney flesh, sultana grape, crunchy cherries with lively red color from the mountainous Peloponnese, green neratzaki Achaia, gathered in July, before it matures, great red burnt strawberries and Ahelia from Achaia, invite you to sink your spoon to delight.

Contact info
Handmade spoon sweets and jams
25 March 82, Patras Beach,
Phone: +30 2610 520466

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