Agrifos Eshop is an ambitious project of the Social Cooperative Enterprise (SCE). Agrifos aims to create an online portal for the presentation and promotion of Greek products by offering producers the opportunity to make their products widely known to the public both locally and abroad.

Agrifos is a Social Cooperative Enterprise (SCE) created by people who come from different backgrounds but unites them to a common philosophy for the treasures of our country.

Starting from our personal interest in the products that flourish in the Greek lands, we wanted to create a web site where everyone will have access to a glimpse of the Greek countryside through the computer screen, its mobile or tablet. In a time of rapid technological development and the continued development of new social media tools, it is vital to put the new technological means at our disposal in service of traditional agricultural production and to contribute to its flourishing by providing new ways of promotion and consequently sustainable development.

We invite those who visit our site to follow us on an online trip to places and areas of Greece, get to know local producers and listen to their stories, both of themselves and of the goods they produce.

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