Agrifos Eshop Services

  • Promotion of farm producers and products through an online search and purchase platform.
  • Separate display page for each producer and his products within the Agrifos Eshop. Emphasis is placed on the presentation of each production unit, the development of its philosophy, the presentation of the production process and the promotion of its products and their specific characteristics (eg ingredients, nutritional value etc.).

...their own eshop...

Each producer acquires his own eshop in which he presents his business and sells his products in all parts of Greece and abroad, defining his own ways of payment and shipping. a great marketplace...

Each business is part of a wider marketplace by displaying its products to visitors from around the world who are interested in them and are visiting the market to make their purchases.

...projection to the public...

By joining the marketplace, every business enjoys wide-ranging exposure to social media and websites, with advertisements, banners, tributes and reports on the project and its products. browse...

in the market from the comfort of their home, knowing companies and producers from all over Greece, as well as selecting exquisite products available in one place, shop...

a wide variety of products directly from the producers, making their purchases from the eshops choosing between different payment and shipping modes. have their order delivered.. 

with ease and effortlessly, are sent directly to their place by the producers with whom they can come in and direct communication.

This way...

we all support the Greek producers, our local economy and our society, we choose the Greek diet, we support products of Greek land and we help to make them more widely known and accessible to all.

In order to further support the work of agricultural producers and to promote their products, we undertake:

  • The creation of websites and Eshop for agricultural producers to promote and promote their work and goods.
  • Graphic design of business logos, products and labels.
  • Graphic design of all forms of promotional material (posters, brochures, banners) for producers and their products.
  • Infographics to briefly document the benefits of products or professional profiles of producers.
  • Advertising through the well-known web site
  • We also offer personalized photo reports to the production units by a professional journalist. Each report includes a presentation of the history of each producer and his / her products and particulars of each  unit. The reports are published both on our website and on the well-known informational website
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